How To Change Wi-Fi Password On TWC Modem (Easy Method)

In today’s digital era, the internet has become vital to everyone’s life. Almost every household has multiple devices or even appliances that work on the internet, especially Wi-Fi. As internet use increases, the prevalence of cybercrime has also escalated, so securing your Wi-Fi network becomes essential.

Securing the Wi-Fi connection involves changing the password regularly. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide to change Wi-Fi password on TWC modem.

A TWC (Time Warner Cable) modem is a device that enables us to access the internet. It’s the main component of our home network, and securing it is crucial. Therefore, we will explain how to change Wi-Fi password on TWC modem.

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How To Change Wi-Fi Password On TWC Modem (Easy Method)

TWC modem Wi-Fi security: why and how to change password

Here is a quick and efficient way to change the Wi-Fi password on the TWC modem. Remember that you are doing it so invaders cannot change your password or even access the network. They may even set up DNS server settings that can harm us.

That’s why we should consider resetting or changing the Wi-Fi name and password for data security on our devices. Thus, we are discussing the best practices for changing Wi-Fi password on TWC modem below.

Changing Wi-Fi password on TWC modem: a beginner’s guide

Step 1: Log in to TWC modem

The first and foremost thing to get into the interface to see or edit modem-related details is to log in to the TWC modem. You can do this using any browser (e.g., Google Chrome) by typing the modem’s IP address into the address bar on the top. The default IP address for TWC modems is

It will then be prompted to enter the login credentials. If you haven’t changed the default login credentials, you can find them on the label at the back of the modem. The default username is usually “admin,” and the default password is usually “password.” Once you enter the correct login credentials, you will be logged in to the TWC modem.

Step 2: Locate the Wi-Fi settings option

After logging in to the TWC modem, the next step is to find the Wi-Fi settings option. This can usually be found under the wireless or Wi-Fi section of the modem’s settings. The exact location of the Wi-Fi settings option may vary depending on the model of the TWC modem.

Once you have located the Wi-Fi settings option, click on it to access the Wi-Fi settings.

Step 3: Change the Wi-Fi password

The third step is to secure your TWC modem with a new Wi-Fi password and change the Wi-Fi password. You will see an option to change the Wi-Fi password in the Wi-Fi settings. The exact location may vary depending on the model of the TWC modem.

Once you find exactly where to change the password, you must enter the new one. The password should be a mix of numbers, special characters, and upper and lower case letters and should be of minimum 8 characters long.

Step 4: Save the changes made

Now, this is an important step to remember after changing the password. The save or apply button should be at the bottom of the Wi-Fi settings page. Only when it is saved the new password will be in effect. Enter the new password on all the devices to get them working or connected with the network.

Changing Wi-Fi password on TWC modem: advanced guide

Step 1: Logging in to TWC modem using default login credentials

When we first set up our modem, it came with the default credentials needed to log in. These credentials are usually printed on the back of the modem on a label.

Open a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to put those login details. All of these have an address bar at the top where we generally put the link or hyperlink. The default IP address for the TWC modem is

So, you need to type this IP address in the same address bar, which will redirect to the modem’s login page. Once you have entered the login credentials, click the login button to access the modem’s control panel.

Step 2: Locating the Wi-Fi settings option

Once logged in to the TWC modem’s control panel, go to the Wi-Fi settings option. It’s under the wireless or network settings menu.

Under the Wi-Fi settings menu, you will see various options, including the Wi-Fi network name, password, security type, and channel. To change the Wi-Fi password, click on the Wi-Fi password option.

Step 3: Changing the Wi-Fi password

After being logged in, you need to enter your chosen password. To ensure maximum security, you must enter a unique solid password consisting of letters, numbers, and symbols. We suggest using a password that you can remember easily but is hard to guess by any random person. For example, think of your favorite food or hobby with some numbers, etc. After putting the password, click on confirm password button.

It is also recommended to change the Wi-Fi network name, also known as the SSID, to something unique to make it easier for you to identify your network and secure it from other intruders.

Step 4: Saving the changes made

After entering and confirming the new password, click the “save” or “apply” button to save the changes. The modem will then consider the new password, and all the devices connected to the network will be disconnected temporarily. To reconnect to the Wi-Fi network, enter the new password.

Note: Changing the Wi-Fi password will also affect any other devices connected to the network, including smartphones, tablets, and other computers. Therefore, you must update the password on all those devices.

Troubleshooting common issues while changing Wi-Fi password

Changing the Wi-Fi password is not a big task on the TWC modem, but you may face some issues. Some common issues, along with their solutions, are listed below.

  1. Incorrect login credentials: If you cannot log in to the modem, ensure you have entered the correct login credentials, such as username and password, if they are not default ones. Sometimes the issue still persists, then try resetting the modem to its factory settings.
  2. Unable to find Wi-Fi settings: If you can’t find the Wi-Fi settings option, look under the wireless or network settings menu. If you still can’t find it, refer to the user manual for the modem or contact your internet service provider for assistance.
  3. Password change not saved: Sometimes, it does not work or gets saved even after saving or applying the password. In that situation, try clearing the browser cache and cookies, and then try to log in again. If the problem is still there, open a different browser and should start the process again.


TWC is a network provider that has approved many modems like NETGEAR and TP-LINK. So if you have one of those, the steps are almost the same. The IP address will also be the same as the TWC modem, as the connection or network is still TWC.

But still, different devices have different interfaces. Although they may not be much different, finding Wi-Fi settings on different brand modems might be different. Considering the most common modems, NETGEAR and TP-LINK, you can follow the steps respectively. Last but not least, the user manual is always the best helper.

It is essential to change the password to ensure that unauthorized users cannot access your internet connection. By following these tips and tricks to change Wi-Fi password on TWC modem, you can easily change it and enjoy a secure and reliable Wi-Fi network.

There is one more quick and efficient way to change Wi-Fi password on TWC modem. If you don’t have a laptop or can’t access it at some point, you can use your smartphone to do the same.

While changing the Wi-Fi password, follow the expert advice on changing Wi-Fi password on TWC modem discussed earlier.

Hope you have learned how to change the Wi-Fi password on theTWC modem, but if you still encounter any issues while changing it, refer to the troubleshooting section or contact your internet service provider for assistance.

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