Where is the WPS button on my Verizon router G3100?

Are you facing difficulties in finding the WPS button on your Verizon router G3100?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we will provide all the required information about the WPS button on your favorite Verizon router G3100.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the WPS button location that will help you connect your wireless device using WPS (Wireless Protected Setup). WPS is a convenient and secure method for connecting your devices and the router without complex passwords. Let us now look further at where is the WPS button on my Verizon router G3100.

Verizon router G3100

Overview of the Verizon Router G3100

Verizon G3100 is a popular router among Verizon Fios customers. It is a dual-band router that provides WPS and WPA2-PSK security features and a good speed to the customer. FIOS itself says ultra-fast. It provides us with many outstanding features, such as

  • Power of massive capacity.
  • The benefits of ultra-low latency.
  • Unmatched network quality.

It looks like a cute tiny white box with many little buttons on the back and one on the front. It offers all the advanced functionalities to enhance the wireless experience of customers. The router setup is simple. The G3100 router ensures seamless connectivity due to its reliable performance and high-speed capabilities.

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However, to utilize the router’s potential, one should understand and utilize the features like WPS as it simplifies the device connection.

What is WPS?

Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) is a standard that shortens the process of connecting wireless devices to a Wi-Fi network. It eliminates the need to enter long and complicated passwords. It makes it much easier for users to connect the devices securely.

WPS has two modes: Push Button and PIN. In Push Button mode, you simply need to press the WPS button on the router and select the WPS option on your device to establish a connection. In PIN mode, you enter a PIN displayed on the router into your device’s network settings.

WPS provides convenience to the user who is not much tech-savvy as it is

  • Simple to understand
  • Less time consuming
  • Needs less amount of assistance

But still, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with using it as it may have risks.

Importance of WPS for Verizon Router G3100

The core importance of WPS is its ability to save time and effort for the users. As we have many devices at our home that we need to connect, it may take us a lot of time to punch the same password on every device one by one. We may also get bored of it.

Sometimes, we may forget the password or get confused between the case-sensitive passwords. At that time, the WPS button can be very useful.

Verizon router G3100 emphasizes its easy and secure device connection, for which WPS plays a vital role in G3100 router configuration.

Also, multiple devices rely on a stable and fast connection in a Verizon Fios environment. WPS ensures a seamless and reliable experience. It provides both convenience and security. It makes it an ideal choice for connecting devices to your G3100 router.

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Locating the WPS Button on Verizon Router G3100

To locate the WPS button on your Verizon router G3100, follow these simple steps:

  • Start by identifying your G3100 router. It is usually a white rectangular box with various ports and LED lights on the back.
  • A unified button on the router is there on the front; it is actually called the WPS button on Verizon G3100.
  • If it is not there sometimes due to any firmware version or router model change, you need to look for a button labeled  “WPS” or “Wireless Protected Setup”. It can be either on the front, back, or maybe on the sides.
  • If you are still unable to find the WPS button, you should refer to the Verizon G3100 router manual or the Verizon website for specific instructions and illustrations.
  • Once you have located the WPS button, then you are all sorted. You can now proceed with the next steps for a quick connection to your wireless devices.

Using WPS to Connect Devices

Now that you have found the WPS button on your Verizon router G3100 let us see the WPS setup on the G3100 router and how to use it for connecting devices with WPS.

  • First, you must ensure that your device supports WPS and is also placed within the range of the G3100 router.
  • You need to find the Wi-Fi settings on the wireless device and look for the WPS option.
  • First, access the router configuration tool on the device, and then in the upper right corner, look for Customize my Wi-Fi settings.
  • Look for the “Add WPS client” tab and click on Next.
  • A window will open up, which will give you two options to choose.
  • Select the WPS option and choose the appropriate mode: Push Button or PIN, based on your preference.

If the selection is Push button:

  • For WPS pairing, you need to press the button shown above as the WPS button and keep it pressed for more than 2 seconds.
  • You must carefully examine the router’s LED light to identify the modem’s pairing status. If it is:
  1. Blinking blue means the router is in WPS pairing mode.
  2. Flashing blue means that a device is currently connecting to the network via WPS.
  3. Solid Blue and then Solid White means the WPS connection was completed successfully.
  4. Flashing red (for 2 minutes) means the WPS pairing has failed.
  •  You can also enable WPS from the Verizon Fios admin page. For that, you need to access your Verizon router settings.
  • The basic page will come up after the login. After that, you need to select Wi-Fi and click on Wi-Fi-protected setup. Now you need to move the slider button to turn it on.
  • Then you can easily connect all the desired devices one by one by doing this.
  • After connecting the required devices, disable the WPS from the same page. It is also an important step to be noted.

If the selection is PIN:

  1. Grab the wireless device (that you want to connect) and run the WPS configuration utility.
  2. Follow the instructions to generate a PIN.
  3. After generating the PIN, you need to go back to the Add client WPS screen of the router.
  4. Enter the same PIN generated on the device to be connected and click Next.
  5. The router will try to communicate with the device for four minutes.
  6. You will see a confirmation screen. The router generates an SSID and implements a WPA/WPA2 wireless security.
  7. The PIN has now been generated. You need to note down both the SSID and the PIN.
  8. Now, any other device you want to connect can be connected just by entering this PIN into your device’s WPS interface.

By using any of the methods, the connection will be made, and you will enjoy a seamless internet connection on all the required devices without spending much time

But sometimes you can face any issue or error during WPS setup for wireless devices; you can try the following router troubleshooting steps:

  • You must check if you follow the correct steps specific to your device and router model.
  • You also need to double-check that you have been within the Wi-Fi range of the G3100 router.
  • You can restart your device and router to attempt the WPS setup process again.
  • Last but not least, the best option is to consult the Verizon router G3100 user guide or the Verizon support website for further assistance.

Best Practices for Using WPS

1. Change the default network name (SSID) and password:

When you set up your Verizon router G3100, it has a default network name and password. It’s important to change these to something unique and strong. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your network, as default settings are well-known to potential attackers. You can also keep it changing, like bi-weekly or monthly. It is totally your choice.

2. Disable WPS after connecting devices:

To keep the WPS security on the G3100 router, after you’ve successfully connected your devices using WPS, it’s a good practice to disable WPS. Leaving it enabled can make your network vulnerable to attacks. Disabling it ensures that only devices with the correct network name and password can connect to your network.

3. Regularly update your router’s firmware:

Firmware updates provide essential security enhancements and bug fixes for your router. Keeping your router’s firmware updated benefits you from the latest protections against potential vulnerabilities. Check for firmware updates regularly and apply them as recommended by Verizon.

4. Consider alternative methods for device connection:

We know WPS offers convenience, but not all devices support it. Therefore, it’s important to use alternative methods for those devices, such as manually entering the Wi-Fi password. This ensures that all devices are securely connected to your network, even if they don’t have WPS capabilities.

5. Enable additional security features:

Your Verizon router G3100 may offer additional security features to safeguard your network. One such feature is MAC address filtering, which allows you to specify the devices allowed to connect to your network based on their unique MAC addresses. Additionally, you can set up guest networks to keep guest devices isolated from your primary network, adding an extra layer of security.

Remember, it’s crucial to prioritize the security of your network to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized access. By following these best practices, you can ensure that your Verizon router G3100 and its connected devices remain secure.

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Final Thoughts

Actually, locating the Verizon Fios router WPS button is a vital step for simplifying and securing the process of connecting your wireless devices. We have included step-by-step instructions to find the WPS button and guidance on using WPS to establish a Wireless network setup.

Remember to follow best practices for safe and secure usage, and always prioritize the protection of your network. By utilizing the WPS feature on your G3100 router, you can enjoy the convenience of hassle-free device connections in a Verizon Fios environment. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to consult the user manual or contact Verizon support.

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